Moments: Short Beluga One!

Moments: Short by BelugaOne / Carl Vazquez ;

Mavic Pro: 4k
After Effects
Music: Art of Noise: Moments in Love
Malibu/Santa Monica Mountains, Huntington Beach, Burbank

Park test with Mavic

Welcome to Beluga One!

Welcome! Welcome! Step on board the Beluga One!  A combination of all my “Carl Vazquez”, passions, and career as a CG Artist together in ONE! Offering the world Professional Drone Ariel footage, Surf Photography/ Videography, state of the art CGI Modeling, Compositing, Lighting, 3D CG Stereoscopic’s, and 3D Printing!

CGI Modeler / Generalist / Compostior

Available for CG Modeling, Generalist tasks, Composting!!